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Who We Are

About Kimberly Chilcutt

Kimberly Chilcutt is a marketer and entrepreneur who has had a passion for travel, food, drink, and culture since her teens. She started in the wine business in 2003, at Portalis Wine Shop & Wine Bar in Seattle. Kimberly maintains a deep appreciation for small-volume winemakers, and is committed to promoting their traditions and way of life through travel and education. Sharing in these wine adventures with other curious travelers is a great honor.


About Gina Gregory

Gina Gregory got her start in the wine business in 1999 when she took a part-time sales position in a small wine shop. In 2003 she helped open Portalis Wine Shop & Wine Bar in Seattle, a popular neighborhood venue and esteemed authority on wine. Gina became a Certified Sommelier in 2007 from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Her passion for food and wine has taken her throughout the wine regions of Europe and the U.S.              Currently Gina and her husband Kenny are renovating an old farmhouse in the Asti district of Piedmont. Follow their progress on our PVT blog!